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Howard University professor Rui Diogo, an anthropologist and biologist, tells us about his first-hand experience with Batwa and Baka communities. Watch the video interview above, or scroll down for th...  read more
Humankind and Nature
In this episode, our guest will help us understand how vital the role of Youth, and more importantly, Indigenous Youth, is in reconciling Humankind and Nature.   Watch the video interview ab...  read more
Humankind and Nature
Update #2January 2023 Adriano Karipuna, Indigenous Leader of the Karipuna people who inhabit Indigenous territory in the Brazilian Amazon, has been tirelessly calling attention to his homeland's rampa...  read more
Public Health
In the latest episode of our video and podcast interview series, we're joined by Indigenous Health researcher and professor Dr. Nicole Redvers. Watch the video interview above, or scroll down for the ...  read more
Humankind and Nature
In the latest episode of our interview series, we speak with Jason Baldes, whose work focuses on restoring bison to tribal lands in the United States. On April 28, 2016 Congress passed ...  read more
Safe Water
Our community came together to provide a rural community in Uganda with reliable and accessible safe water and sanitation solutions, as well as educative materials. Before becoming a private...  read more
In the latest episode of our video interview series, we speak with the indigenous leader of the Karipuna people of the Amazon.  It's impossible to remain indifferent in face of the news published...  read more
Humankind and Nature
Report on the Dakota Bison Symposium, held June 23-25 in Bismarck, North Dakota A unique opportunity to reflect on the United States' National mammal, Bismarck State College's Dakota Bison Symposium (...  read more
Humankind and Nature
Here's a selection of recent stories and articles about Traditional Ecological Knowledge. A couple of weeks ago we shared the latest episode of our podcast "Connecting the Dots", with g...  read more
Ever since we interviewed Endorois activist Carson Kiburo for our video and podcast interview series "Connecting the Dots", we've been attentively following his important work to advance the rights of...  read more
Humankind and Nature
In this new episode of Azimuth World Foundation's interview series, we are incredibly honoured to have Alaka Wali as our guest. Alaka is the Curator of North American Anthropology in the Science and E...  read more
Humankind and Nature
Even as the role of Indigenous Peoples and traditional ecological knowledge in the fight against climate change became an important talking point for last month's Earth Day celebrations, the...  read more