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Working with quality organizations: Bwindi Community Hospital


As a charitable organization dedicated to supporting meaningful solutions that impact the world, Azimuth World Foundation carefully selects the projects to support and only partners with quality organizations.

It was with great pleasure that we partnered with Bwindi Community Hospital (BCH) in Uganda, a private not-for-profit founded in 2003, for a very specific purpose: to bring healthcare to the Batwa, a severely underprivileged community. AWF raised the necessary funds for a Grant for the Bwindi Community Hospital, which will secure, for 8 months, salary and transportation to have a BCH nurse serve the Batwa community by explaining COVID-19 hygiene and prevention measures and providing soap.

Founded by US missionaries Dr. Scott Kellerman and his wife Carol, under the Diocese of Kinkiizi of the Church of Uganda, Bwindi Community Hospital cares for more than 120,000 people living in the South Western corner of Uganda.

BCH began as a clinic under a tree for the Batwa community, who had been displaced from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and had considerable health needs. But it wasn't long after that the hospital staff began providing healthcare to the general population, also in need. This encouraged the growth of this small clinic into a full-fledged hospital. BCH developed the Uganda Nursing School and the Uganda College of Health Sciences Bwindi to, in their own words, "boost a depleted health workforce with top-notch healthcare workers."

Under a ficus tree, in 2002.

Nowadays, BCH has 135 beds and a team of 121, including doctors, nurses, midwives, other health workers, and support staff, and plays a major role in providing healthcare to the region.

We are an ally to Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities dealing with matters of access to Health and Water and the protection of the right to maintain traditional ways of living in harmony with Nature.

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