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Azimuth World Foundation & Water Mission Uganda - Expanding Access to Safe Water in Bukungu


Our community came together to provide a rural community in Uganda with reliable and accessible safe water and sanitation solutions, as well as educative materials.

Bukungu, Uganda. Photo Credit: Imagery ©2022 TerraMetrics, Map data ©2022 Google

Before becoming a private 501(c)(3) organization  earlier this year, Azimuth World Foundation fundraised to support Water Mission Uganda's Safe Water project in the rural community of Bukungu. The project was recently concluded, and we are hopeful and inspired by what our community's contributions were able to achieve: 

8,000 local residents now have access to safe water.

Solar panels and additional water points were installed for accessibility & reliability.

Soap, COVID-19 training materials, and handwashing signs & posters were distributed

Water Mission had previously worked in the community in 2014. Since then, the influx of people moving to the area outpaced the capacity of that original water project. As of August 9, the expanded safe water system funded by the Azimuth community became fully operational. The entire community of 8,000 people in Bukungu now has access to safe water.

 Bukungu is a rural fishing community in Uganda with six "villages," eight schools, and a health center. The major economic activity for Bukungu is fishing and micro trading for fishing-related items and day- to-day life consumables such as food.

In 2014, Water Mission installed its patented Living Water Treatment System in the Bukungu community. More recently, community leaders requested that Water Mission provide an extension, reaching all people in Bukungu with reliable safe water. In 2020, Water Mission re-assessed the community and observed that, because of the distance to the safe water system for some residents, they were still relying on the convenient—yet contaminated—Lake Kyoga. This caused dangerous risks and waterborne illnesses for those who collected water there.

by Water Mission Uganda
Bukungu community leaders had recently requested an expansion of their safe water system, so that it could reach the increasing population in the area.

 To meet the increased demand for safe water in Bukungu, Water Mission's team:

- Refurbished the existing safe water system
- Installed a solar submersible pump with sufficient capacity to serve 8,000 people
- Increased the quantity of water supplied to serve 8,000 people within the six villages
- Increased the distribution network from 4 water points to 15, including institutions in the community
- Installed additional solar panels to supply sufficient power Provided WASH promotion, as well as COVID-19 prevention materials
- Worked with town officers and the Safe Water Committee for coordination and refresher training
- Will provide follow-up visits to enhance operation, maintenance, and long-term sustainability

Azimuth World Foundation is incredibly grateful for our community's support and for our partnership with Water Mission in Uganda. Our past projects with Water Mission in Tanzania and Malawi, and now the one in Bukungu, make us believe that a world where everyone has access to Safe Water is possible. We must all keep working to ensure this Human Right is respected for everyone, with no exceptions. We are humbled by the courage and resilience of the Bukungu population, and look forward to seeing how better access to Safe Water will keep improving life in this rural community.


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