Humankind and Nature


Connecting the Dots with Alaka Wali


In this new episode of Azimuth World Foundation's interview series, we are incredibly honoured to have Alaka Wali as our guest.

Alaka is the Curator of North American Anthropology in the Science and Education Division at Chicago's Field Museum

As the founding director of the Center for Cultural Understanding and Change, Alaka pioneered the development of participatory social science research and community engagement processes based in museum science. 

As Azimuth develops new projects with indigenous communities in Ecuador, biologist, conservationist and Azimuth Advisory Committee member Rowan Martin guides this fascinating conversation about Alaka's work with the Field Museum's Keller Science Action Center, which translates museum science into conservation and quality-of-life strategies in the tropical forests of the Andes and Amazon region, and also Chicago. Since 1999, The Center's rapid inventory work has contributed to the protection of 26 million acres of lands and waters. It has also empowered local communities to be in charge of conservation efforts in a way that preserves their culture and identity, and advances their well-being and quality of life.

We are an ally to Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities dealing with matters of access to Health and Water and the protection of the right to maintain traditional ways of living in harmony with Nature.

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