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Healthcare to the Batwa progress update (good news!)

Prenatal care at Bwindi Community Hospital

Last year, AWF awarded a grant to the Bwindi Community Hospital to promote Batwa healthcare by having a nurse work closely with this community who has endured terrible human rights violations.

The Bwindi Community Hospital is a non-profit hospital that serves over 100,000 people. Its dedicated healthcare workers are always focused on overcoming the many challenges they face in serving the community.

The last time we spoke, they mainly had very good news about the project's outcomes. Here are the highlights according to the goals that were set out by the hospital:

Monitoring and Responding to Psychosocial Issues
- 6 Batwa patients have been referred to the mental health clinic for mental assessment and illness management.
- Outreach through all the settlements, all covered with psychosocial support, all with established alcoholic anonymous meetings.

Hand Washing Facilities Coverage
By the end of August 2021 coverage was at 15%, which is a significant decrease from July 2020, when it was at 100%. This was due to the significant reduction of COVID-19 cases in the community that meant most of the households started turning their hand-washing facilities into water-fetching containers because they don't have containers for this purpose nor for storing water. Additionally, some containers are now too old and degraded, and some were stolen.

Ongoing Collaboration with Other Batwa Stakeholders
Healthcare and Nutrition at the Bwindi Community Hospital
- 223 Batwa were admitted to the hospital from February 2020 up to September 2021 (transportation included)
- 446 Batwa benefitted from food support while at the hospital
- Latrine building with the help of the Batwa Development Program
- Construction of 3 improved houses

Despite the promising improvements, the Bwindi Community Hospital and Davis, the nurse who has been overseeing many of these programs, still face obstacles that need to be addressed:
- Aging motorcycle that often breaks down
- Shortage of Personal Protective Equipment
- Effects of adverse weather conditions
- Conflicts and lack of cooperation among community members
- Volunteers don't have the appropriate communication gadgets, like phones, which are often essential for communication
- Low levels of literacy among volunteers and generally among Batwa community
- High levels of poverty and lack of funding or support

We'll keep you updated on future progress and how we are addressing these challenges and fighting alongside the Batwa as their allies for a better future. 


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