"Revitalize the Roots": Official Side Event at the UNPFII 2023


In April, we were honored to co-host an official side event during the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York City. 

Collaborating with Jamii Asilia Centre, Global Wisdom Collective, and the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, we united to commemorate and exchange experiences regarding the preservation of Indigenous knowledge systems. The event revolved around the Revitalize the Roots initiative, and it proved to be an extraordinary occasion brimming with profound dialogue and inspirational voices:

Throughout the event, we had the privilege of listening to Dominica Zhu (Dai and Tibetan), the founding director of the Global Wisdom Collective, and Carson Kiburo (Endorois), the executive director of the Jamii Asilia Centre. Together, they established Revitalize the Roots and are presently implementing this endeavor in collaboration with the Endorois community in Kenya. We take great pride in having provided financial support to this project, and their work stands as an exemplary demonstration of the preservation of Indigenous knowledge.

In addition to our esteemed speakers, we had the honor of welcoming a remarkable group of guests who actively contribute to the preservation of Indigenous knowledge for future generations. Christine Kandie (Endorois), the executive director of the Endorois Indigenous Women Empowerment Network, shared invaluable perspectives. Alyssa ʻĀnela Purcell, a Native Hawaiian researcher at the University of Hawai'i, brought her expertise to enrich the discussions. Roberto Múkaro Agüeibaná Borrero, the kasike (chief) of the Guainía Taíno tribal community of Borikén, shared personal experiences. Victor Lopez-Carmen (known as Waokiya Mani in the Dakota language), immediate former Co-Chair of United Nations Global Indigenous Youth Caucus, highlighted the topics that traversed all the presentations. Kiptoo Barasa (Endorois), the co-founder of the Jamii Asilia Centre, also contributed valuable insights.

Terry Rockstad, our founder, spoke with enthusiasm about Azimuth's unwavering commitment to this project. We firmly believe that initiatives such as Revitalize the Roots will thrive and play a crucial role in assisting communities to safeguard their traditional knowledge for their future generations. Through these intergenerational knowledge-sharing frameworks, Indigenous Peoples can create safe, respectful, and self-determined spaces for Indigenous communities to prosper.

This event provided a remarkable opportunity to connect with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our vision for preserving Indigenous knowledge. It serves as a reminder of the collective strength and unwavering dedication required to protect the cultural heritage and wisdom of Indigenous peoples worldwide.


Revitalize the Roots: Bikaptorois

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