Sharman Apt Russell talks to AWF about Malawi's agroecologists and how ending hunger can be a step towards mitigating climate change


Just this year, Sharman Apt Russell, science and nature writer whose works have been translated into nine languages, published Within Our Grasp: Childhood Malnutrition Worldwide and the Revolution Taking Place to End It (Pantheon Books, April 2021). In Professor Sharman's words, it's a book intended to "emphasize that the desires of the humanitarian and environmentalist are aligned."

Gary Shaye, our board member, invited her for a conversation about this book, the issues it deals with, and her travels through Malawi, which resulted in some very perceptive, well-informed and hopeful insights that are clearly worth sharing.

Watch the full video, hear Sharman's views on ending childhood hunger, the holistic approach of NGOs like Soils, Food and Healthy Communities, Malawi's agroecologists and how ending hunger can be a step towards mitigating climate change.

Order "Within Our Grasp" here or ask your local library about it. 

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