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Voices From the Ground: Bwindi Community Hospital - Batwa Outreach Program


Our new segment explains, through the voice of our grantees, how projects by Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities decolonize aid and truly address the problems these communities face.

Azimuth's grants fund these kinds of projects, and we hope that by hearing about their incredible outcomes, others will also want to support them directly and spread the word about their work. 

Here's the Batwa Outreach Program team from the Bwindi Community Hospital explaining how the program is improving the lives of the Batwa living in Kanungu district, Uganda.

If you want to directly support the extraordinary work of the Bwindi Community Hospital's Batwa Outreach Program, you can find more information at their website:

We are an ally to Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities dealing with matters of access to Health and Water and the protection of the right to maintain traditional ways of living in harmony with Nature.

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